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No Fragrance Laundry Strips

No Fragrance Laundry Strips

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These laundry strips are highly concentrated and safe for the skin. The eco-friendly cleaning power makes them 1000 times better than traditional liquid and powder detergents. These hypoallergenic laundry sheets effectively lift all the dirt and stains from clothes and keep them away until they are rinsed.

How do laundry sheets work for different kinds of loads and machines?

  1. Front Load Washer: Put your load in the washing machine first. Then place the Gamprs laundry detergent sheet on top. Start the wash cycle. 
  1. Top Load Washer: For the top load washer you can put the laundry strip at the bottom. Occasionally, it can get wrapped around or in the clothes. It is best if you put it at the bottom of the washer so it gets dissolved properly. Then put the clothes on top. Run your machine cycle.
  1. Hand Wash: For hand washing, you can take water in the bucket. Tear the Gamprs laundry sheet in small pieces and mix it in the water until it is completely dissolved. Then add your clothes to the water. Hand wash as you usually would. 

Switch to Gamprs laundry sheets- Better for you, best for the environment!

Looking for a smarter and healthier way for laundry? Try Gamprs laundry sheets! It is time to switch to these eco-friendly laundry sheets. As we all know, traditional laundry detergents come with chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. The plastic bulk packaging for liquid and powder detergents and the plastic measuring cups for liquid detergents go in landfills every year. However, Gamprs use 100% recyclable cardboard packaging that is not harmful to the environment. Avoiding toxic powder and liquid laundry detergents can keep tons of plastic away from landfills and is equal to planting millions of trees every year. So what are you waiting for? Check our online store and order your eco-friendly laundry detergent today! A lot safer, cleaner, healthier, and smarter way to modern laundry!

What makes Gamprs Eco-friendly?

  • Zero-waste recycled packaging
  • Vegan – No animal-based ingredients

Tips to choose the best laundry detergent for your family!

Want to try sustainable laundry sheets? Don’t know which one is the best for you and the environment? Don’t worry. Here are few tips from our experts that can help you in choosing the best laundry sheets!

  1. Opt for eco-friendly options. Avoid plastic completely. Choose compostable or recyclable packaging that does not harm the environment. 
  2. Check out the ingredients carefully. Avoid chemicals and ingredients in the laundry like paraben, phosphates, formaldehyde. Choose something that is hypoallergenic and does not use these kinds of ingredients at all.
  3. Look for products that are compatible to work with your machine type.
  4. Choose products that can be used with cold water, as it helps you save energy.
  5. Choose biodegradable products.