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About Us

Gamprs is an eco-friendly company. Our goal is to eliminate the usages of toxic chemicals and plastics to keep the environment safe and clean. That is why we have developed eco-friendly laundry strips that are super convenient, easy and safe. These laundry sheets are a great alternative to traditional laundry liquid and powder detergents. Switch to eco-friendly laundry detergent strips and help us save this planet.

What Gamprs believe in, Our Values!

Simplicity: Gamprs believe in the importance of working on small actions. We know these small actions and changes will turn into a big move. We make our products simply the best and eco-friendly. Our goal is to provide you healthy options and keep the environment clean.

Empowered: Everyone has the ability to make decisions and choose the best for themselves. We aim to create products for people that empower their sustainability.

Quality: We never compromise with the quality of our products. We will never cut corners to reduce our costs or harm the environment to make more profit. We always maintain our high quality standards. We believe in being transparent about the production.

Innovation: We will keep on searching and developing new products to make your lives better and keep the environment even cleaner. We work hard to bring more innovative and eco-friendly products that work best for you and the environment.