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Go Cleaner and Greener with Gamprs!

Let's help our environment by choosing chemical-free eco-friendly laundry strips. The traditional liquid and powder laundry detergents come with many chemicals which are harmful to your skin, body, and environment. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. We put your family’s health first. That is why we chose to go paraben-free and make the best laundry detergent that is safe for your skin. Feel confident, stay healthy, and love nature by choosing eco-friendly laundry detergent!


Frequently Asked Questions

For front-load high-efficiency washers, you should put the laundry strip in a detergent dispenser. If the dispenser is small in size, you can tear the strips into small pieces to fit the dispenser. Add your clothes and start the washing cycle. If your washing machine has separate compartments for detergents for pre-wash and main-cycle, you should insert the Gamprs laundry strip in each compartment. You need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the laundry machines. However, instead of adding liquid or powder detergent, you can add Gamprs laundry sheets. These laundry sheets can dissolve in both hot and cold water.

These days, the quantity of suds is not related to the cleaning power of any laundry detergent. Additionally, most of the high-efficiency machines' manufactures are suggesting the use of detergents that have low sudsing formula. Gamprs laundry strips are designed and developed to make them compatible with almost every machine type including the HE (high efficiency) machines. Some detergents produce a lot of suds but that does not mean that those laundry detergents are better and have higher cleaning power.

Most of the time, it is recommended to use only one strip for each laundry cycle. This is the regular load that is not very dirty. But if your load is very dirty or very large then you can use an extra strip. You can adjust the number of strips according to your needs. If you have a very small load or you want to run a handwashing cycle, then you can tear the laundry sheet and use the smaller piece for that laundry cycle.
1 sheet = 1 load
2 sheets = more soiled, or heavy load
3 sheets = very heavy load like bedding

It is recommended that you follow the instructions given by the cloth manufacturer. Most of the time natural wool cloths need hand-washing and some may need dry-cleaning too. It is recommended that you dissolve the smaller piece of the strip in water completely and start washing (if you have used handing washing method for the same clothes before). However, natural silk manufacturers usually recommend dry-cleaning method or special detergents to clean them. Read the instructions carefully given by the cloth manufacturers if you want to clean them at home.

These laundry sheets can be used at any temperature. These can easily dissolve in hot, warm, and cold water. So, you can use the water temperature as per your needs.

Gamprs laundry sheets are very effective and safe for 100% cotton cloth diapers. However, we always suggest our customers follow all the instructions provided by the cloth manufacture. Sometimes they suggest a certain type of detergents to wash them. However, Gamprs laundry sheets do not affect the absorbency of diapers. Because our product is eco-friendly and paraben-free, these are safe for skin and are hypoallergenic too. It depends on the ingredients of absorbent gel and materials used to make the diapers, how other traditional laundry detergents or Gamprs may affect the quality of your products. So it is recommended following manufactures' instructions to clean these products.


No more measuring detergents for your laundry.bring you the all-new pre-cut and pre-measured laundry detergent sheets. Simply use 1 Sheet for each load of laundry and get rid of all the mess.

Power of Laundry Strips

Our product is the Best Laundry Detergent available. While it contains 1000 times more cleaning power than the traditional liquid detergents in the market, it also keeps the clothes fresh for a long time.

How To Use?


Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Not satisfied with our products? Don’t worry. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. We are always ready to help you with our eco-friendly and healthy products and keeping the environment safe. We value your opinion and feedback and we are happy to take it. Didn’t like our products? We guarantee you will get a 100 percent refund of your money. Tell us why you didn’t like it. Your satisfaction is important to us.



Less Transportation Pollution

Gamprs love our planet and care for it. That is the reason we use remarkably smaller environment-friendly packages than the regular liquid plastic cans and powder detergent buckets. That makes it easy and incredibly convenient for transportation. Less fuel consumption and fewer carbon emissions can prevent global warming.

Zero Plastic

Gamprs use zero plastic for packaging. We only use eco-friendly small-sized packages. We help the environment by keeping the billions of plastic measuring cups and laundry cans away that would go in landfills. Reduced environmental pollution is equal to planting nine million trees each year. Choose Gamprs, help the environment.

No Mess

Regular liquid detergents are very messy and take too much space for storage. Gamprs eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets are very convenient to use. These are pre-measured detergent sheets that you just need to put in the washer and that is it. No need to measure detergent the traditional way, no spills and no more mess. It is an easier, faster, healthier, and smarter way to do laundry.

True Cleaning Power

Just because you want a simpler way to do laundry does not mean you have to compromise on the cleaning power. One strip of Gamprs detergent is equal to 40g of traditional detergents and has more cleaning and dirt lifting power. These laundry sheets can remove tough stains and lift heavy dirt. It can restore the whites and protect the vibrant colors in your clothes.

Less storage space

Because of smaller packaging, these take very little space. Use that extra space for other stuff! Keep your laundry room tidy and clean all the time. Choose eco-friendly detergent strips and help the environment. Our zero-waste packaging is made up of cardboard that can help you keep your environment clean and safe.